My Story

Since 2016, I’ve been helping people transform their lives to create satisfaction and success, while also reversing the devastating effects of success exhaustion and unfulfillment.

Through my training and work as a double board-certified physician, I experienced first-hand what it feels like to be dispirited and detached as I fought my own battle against success exhaustion. Now on the other side, I’ve found an enormous blessing on the other side  – strength, satisfaction, and happiness.


Ironically, it was while battling success exhaustion (being on the verge of burnout) and actively preparing to quit medicine forever that I discovered the brilliance and effectiveness of causal life coaching, writing, energy healing, and meditation. The mentors who guided me shared a similar sentiment. They encouraged me not to live life from struggle to struggle.

Instead, they encouraged me to learn to love my work before choosing to leave it. Applying their strategies in my life, I felt the satisfaction and power of moving through life peacefully from one endeavor to the next. I learned about my mind and how to gain control of my thinking. I learned to befriend my emotions (positive and negative) and see them as master teachers on my journey. And soon, my life began to flow more easily, unhindered by drama. 

The Life Coach School

The radiant beauty of this experience changed the trajectory of my career and resurrected a sense of purpose that I hadn’t felt since before matriculating through medical school. With my new knowledge and experiences, I emerged into who I am now – a woman who is thriving (not just surviving) in her medical career.


Now beyond success exhaustion, it is my mission to help empower other hard-earned-career-professionals, including doctors and other overachievers. I believe that an important part of the human experience is connection – to help each other live stronger, more fulfilling, and enjoyable lives. Inspired and passionate about the effectiveness of the modalities and tools that helped me, I want to share them with you so you can begin living the life you want, today.

I understand how, for some, the success exhaustion that can lead to burnout can be so painful that it is soul painful. I empathize with those who feel that the fire within is dimming more and more by the day. I recognize how it can feel suffocating living under personal limiting beliefs, the hopes of other people, and unspoken projections of what “society” expects from doctors and other high achievers, especially women.


You don’t have to keep wondering how you will survive in your career for the next 20-30 years. If you’re actively thinking of quitting or feel like you may be crashing and burning but don’t know what to do, I want you to know that there is hope. Having conquered these things myself, I’m a renewed person. 

“I’m not only a doctor, but also a certified life coach and energy healer who is devoted to helping you achieve and enjoy the success you have dreamt about your entire life.”

Coaching Philosophy

Since 2018, I’ve coached physicians and other high achieving professionals on what we tend to view as burnout. What I discovered was most of us are not burned out. Instead, we suffer from success exhaustion. Additionally, I often noticed a disconnect between the work my clients were doing and who they really were as people. These observations inspired my rebrand as Dr. Tangie: The Wealthy Happy Soul Coach, where my coaching philosophy aims to align your goals with your soul so you can create a life that includes BOTH success AND happiness.


I uniquely blend life coaching, meditation, and energy healing to help you discover yourself and create the life you desire. While coaching together, you will learn not to seek external validation as your source of happiness and worth. Instead, I emphasize living authentically, and consciously creating the life you desire. 

As you reach your next level, you will thoroughly be enjoying the life you have worked so hard to create.

personal background

As of today, I’ve chosen to continue practicing as a physician and love my work. But I have new passions which have added to the happiness in my life. Now, I’m an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of my own life coaching practice. Here, I spread the knowledge I’ve gained through my experience and training to help others transform their lives.


In my downtime, you can find me nesting in the hammock of my outdoor oasis. This is where my gratitude and creativity flow abundantly, alongside my Bernedoodle Chloe and any friends or family who have decided to stop by and geek out on all things deep. Join me as I dish out weekly wisdom on my new podcast The Wealthy Happy Soul!