Ep #2: Conscious Creation

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Conscious CreationSo many of us live our lives like we’re blowing in the wind. No real intention, afraid of discomfort, and then we settle for what we get, especially when there’s no pain or suffering involved. Sure, we’ve created families and careers and interests in that time, but was any of it intentional?

Conscious creation is the opposite. With conscious creation, you can intentionally affect your life in a positive (or negative) way. You can create more of what you want in life, like money, love, and happiness, and less of what you don’t want. However, conscious creation requires you to take action. You have to do the work, feel your feelings, and take ownership of what you create.

In today’s episode, I’m diving deep into what conscious creation is and how it can bring more health, wealth, and happiness into your life. Most of us have been raised thinking that unconscious creation is enough, but if you want true, deep enjoyment of your life, it’s time to get intentional. I’m sharing how you can break the cycle of unconscious creation, start leaning on your intuition to make decisions, and fully commit to those choices. 

It’s up to you to decide to fight for the happiness you want and deserve, and I have the solution to help you achieve it.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The 2 types of creation and how they work.
  • How we’re taught to chase a life of exhaustion.
  • That life already has an inherent system of creation built-in.
  • How to break the cycle of unconscious creation.
  • My 3 steps to conscious creation.
  • Why emotions are our greatest allies.


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You are listening to episode 2 of The Wealthy Happy Soul Podcast: Conscious Creation.

Welcome to The Wealthy Happy Soul Podcast, a show for high achievers who are ready to start enjoying the life they’ve worked so hard to create. Join me, your host and certified life coach Dr. Tangie, to learn how to start infusing the dedication you have for your career into living a truly fulfilling life. If you’re ready to finally gain the happiness your soul has been longing for, this podcast is for you.

Hi, welcome to episode 2. I am so happy to have you here and I’m so grateful that you’ve chosen to spend this time with me, and I just thank you from my bottom of my heart.

I just got back from visiting my brother and his family for one of my many birthday celebrations for the month of September. I celebrate all month for my birthday just because I can. We had such a wonderful, socially distanced time. The kids, they baked me a cake and I this really beautiful crystal singing bowl that I’ve been eyeing for quite a while.

It was really relaxing and great and wonderful. My favorite thing about the weekend was that we took this really spontaneous, long, family walk in the middle of the night and it was so much fun. We were out for about an hour and a half and the kids were playing. My dog, Chloe, was having the time of her life. She was just running through the park and hurdling over things like she was Bernadoodle version of Lolo Jones. There were scooters and skateboards and laughter.

We were adults and children just playing in the night talking out loud about our dreams and our desires. My brother and his fiancée and I, we’re all entrepreneurs and we just had so much fun just dreaming and speaking into existence the ideas that we had for ourselves for the near future and ideas that are now in the process of being implemented were born that night.

As I made the realization of how much had been created during just one, fun, family walk I looked up and I saw the biggest kid of them all, my older brother on his scooter. Yes, you heard that correctly, his scooter. He was belly laughing and giving one of the kids on a skateboard a lift up the hill as he grabbed on to his shirt and it got to me thinking about how my brother literally is one of the most creative and accomplished people that I know.

It hit me that really the one thing that he does that most people forget about while they are creating something new, and he always does this no matter where he’s at, is to have fun. He has so much fun in his life no matter what he’s doing or what he’s going through and I think that is actually what I admire most about my older brother.

So, let’s keep that in mind throughout this episode because it’s going to be a topic that will be new to a lot of you, so don’t let your mind make you feel frustrated because it’s new. Let it be fun learning new information because it’s simple and your life will change by leaps and bounds by just applying what we’re going to talk about here today on the podcast. With that, let’s dive into episode 2: Conscious Creation.

Here’s what you need to understand, what I mean by creation really is just the definition the process of bringing something into existence. When I speak about – I like to think there are two types of creation. The first being unconscious creation and the second being conscious creation.

Unconscious creation is what happens when you live life in a very unaware, unexamined way and this is where most of us are because nobody teaches us how to think in a critical and curious way about our lives or what we want to create in our lives.

We don’t learn it at school. I certainly didn’t learn it at school. I wish somebody taught me this at school. I would think only a lucky few of us learn it at home. Because of this we just kind of blow about in the wind without any real focus or intention in our lives. Then, we kind of just get what we get and we settle for it, especially if it’s not too painful and there’s no suffering involved.

So, we have all these thoughts about the world and thoughts about ourselves and thoughts about others and thoughts about our circumstances and thoughts about our past and gosh, thoughts about our future. We have all these thoughts that ultimately plug into this inherent system of creation that exists in the world where our thoughts create our feelings which lead to our actions and ultimately the results we produce that can to either a life we love and in some cases a frankenlife which is a life of exhaustion really brought on by misaligned, soulless, goal-oriented actions fueled the external validation that we’ve been taught to chase our entire lives.

So, like I said, life has these inherent systems of creation already built into it and we can see it on so many levels. We can look at the system of biological creation and see that if we place a peace lily seed into the soil there’s already this built in system of creation working behind the scenes. Approximately 10 days later there’s going to be a seedling of that plant that comes out of the soil and is going to begin to grow and experience life, so to speak.

This is the epitome of unconscious creation. It’s constantly happening even though we’re not really aware of it and we’re not really aware of every step of the process on a moment-by-moment basis, it just happens. For a long time, even with systems of biological creation no one questioned it further than that. But then science advanced and what we found was that there are indeed external factors that can affect this process.

Sure, there are the obvious things like getting enough sun, and nutrients, and water, but even deeper than that science has also discovered that even the way you speak to a plant can affect its expression. A good example of this is this experiment that IKEA conducted back in 2018 and it showed what can happen to a plant’s expression when it was relentlessly bullied. They did an experiment to promote anti-bullying in schools and what they did was they set up two identical plants in a school and for 30 days they invited to compliment one plant and bully the crap out of the other plant.

In the meantime, both plants were kept under identical controlled environments meaning they each received the same amount and nutrition and water. The students were encouraged to record their words of praise and to also record their insults and a recording device would then transmit these messages to each plant. One plant got the words of praise and the other plant got the insults. They were set up in two separate environments so that each plant couldn’t hear the words that the other plant heard.

So, after 30 days what happened was that the plant that received compliments was healthy and thriving while the insult-riddled counterpart was noticeably wilted and very droopy. What this shows is that, yes, while both plants were alive and nature was taking its course in both, the difference in expression between the two plants was significantly different.

The one receiving good vibes thrived while the other plant wilted. This demonstrates that there are other factors at play in life’s expression and so it is with us. Our human knowledge of the world and human expression have now given you the ability and the know-how to live in a very aware state where you are able to get really curious and critically examine every step of the process of how you are creating your own life and expressing yourself as an individual.

This is really exciting because what that means to you is that you can consciously affect the process in order to create more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t want in your life.

In the last episode I mentioned that so many of us feel like we’re in the car, but life is kind of just driving us around even to places we don’t really want to go or had no intention of ever going. It’s like you have an idea for a business yet you’re still overworking at a job where you’re significantly underpaid and underappreciated.

Or you may have an amazing family at home, but you’re starting to have regrets about not being able to be present enough for them whether that’s physically or mentally, and to really be able to enjoy life with them and appreciate them for the gifts that they truly are to you.

Or you might have almost everything that you’ve ever prayed for in your life, but when you look around it’s just not looking quite like you had imagined that it would. But what if you actually got in the driver seat and not only that, what if you actually learned how to drive the car? That is conscious creation.

When I speak about conscious creation all I’m talking about is how do we create any result we desire to see in our life? So many of us are like these little sea pods, full of ideas and limitless potential that can literally change the world.

Just this last week I was on the phone with one of my clients and when she was telling of everything she wants to create in the next year I literally got goosebumps. It was literally that good and it’s so needed. Many of us have these ideas that are so needed in the world, especially today. I mean, come on, have you seen 2020? Like, really.

But it’s like we are unknowingly preserving an environment that has such a negative impact on us while we’re trying to grow and express ourselves to our fullest potential. It really is akin to this experiment where the plants exposed to good vibes thrived and the one exposed to bad vibes began to wilt. Or in your case toxic exposures like negative thinking or unbelief or emotional repression they significantly limit the realizations of the dreams you have for your own life.

In addition, it puts extra stress on your current situation and it limits how you view your own potential today because all you can see is your current situation and what’s around you. This can lead to a never-ending cycle if you don’t know how to break it and being aware of the elements of conscious creation and making a conscious effort to direct them in your favor on a consistent basis. That is how you break the cycle.

So, what I want to cover today is what we currently know about the conscious ways we can interact with the inherent systems of creation that are running in the background of our everyday lives. Specifically, I’ve created model of conscious creation based on everything we do know so far and it involves three simple steps. Step one, use your intuition. Step two, make your decision and step three, commit to your choices.

Now, before we go any further keep in mind that today’s episode is a lot of information and I just want you to know that the next episodes will break each step down, so we will be talking about this process more and more in the coming weeks. I don’t want you getting overwhelmed or anything like that. I really just want you to have fun learning something new right now.

The main goal today is just for you to have an idea of where we’re going to be headed, and in a nutshell, this is a very simple process, but it does require continuously application in order to be effective.

As simple at it is, this isn’t the easy button and it does require some deep work, but everyone who does the work reaps big rewards. On a big picture level if I had to explain it to my 10-year-old niece, here’s what I would say. “Listen you have the potential to do and be anything you dream of in this world. Yet, live with present challenges to you along the way that will make it seem like what you want is either impossible or unrealistic.

As this happens over time and you learn how to tap into your awareness and your instinct, you are the one who gets to decide how you want to feel and how you want to be as a human. And that’s why we’re called human beings and not human doings.

Then, through meditation you can also learn to embody the life you want until life reflects what you know is possible for yourself. Then, as you repeat the process and apply the model of conscious creation to your life over and over again the more life will get better, and better, and better, and better, and better, and better. You get the idea.

So, step one, use your intuition. One of the definitions of intuition is, “The formation of solutions or idea through attentiveness.” Conscious creation first and foremost requires awareness. It requires that what we think and feel are catalysts to the outcomes that we are creating in our lives meaning, the more you become aware of what you think and the more you are willing to feel what you’re feeling the more you are able to tap into your intuition in order to create the ideas and solutions that lead you to manifesting the life you desire.

In order to help people increase awareness what I like to use is a framework that’s based in cognitive psychology, it’s called “The Model,” and it’s a tool developed by The Life Coach School where I trained as a coach and it helps you determine your present thoughts and feelings and what they’re currently creating for you in your life.

After that the next step involves being willing to dive deeper into our feelings because truly this is where the growth happens that ultimately leads you to living a much happier life. Feelings, a.k.a. emotions, are vibrations in energy that disperse through our body as a result of our thoughts. They are the language of the soul and of the subconscious.

Just think back to when you’ve either had a gut instinct or you’ve had a feeling that somebody was lying to you. This is what you’re tapping into here and this is where the real work is, especially in your uncomfortable and negative emotions. In most instances they are here for a reason and they’re coming up to be released so that you can elevate yourself to the next level.

This is because emotional discomfort and suffering occur when beliefs that are not in alignment with your truest and highest expression are held at some level in your conscious and unconscious thoughts. We all pick up these negative emotions through life’s experiences and over time they often become part of our personality. As we go through life, the more we hold on to them the more out of alignment we become, the more we repress them the more out of alignment we become, and ultimately the more emotional suffering we will experience.

However, and this is what I’ve learned, is that if you can dive deep and let what the world views as negative emotion become your master teachers. The lessons you learn in this space are what propel you towards a greater and more evolved version of yourself. This is the reason you want to lean in and feel, so you can release the misaligned emotions and expand into your fullest potential.

Step number two is making decisions. Conscious creation requires making firm decisions. The only difference between someone who has both success and happiness and somebody who doesn’t is really a decision. It’s that the person who has both also believes they can have both, that they deserve both, and that they’re worthy of both. So, you really have to decide what it is that you truly and deeply desire.

Then, you have to decide whether or not you’re going to choose that you are worthy of having it. You have to decide to be open to possibilities other than what you already know. Making a firm decision breaks the cycle of the back and forth, of the starting and stopping something, the “maybe I should but maybe I shouldn’t because other people won’t like it or they’ll have something to say about it that I don’t like,” all the things that will have you stuck in this exact same spot next year wondering when you’re going to start your business or write the book or move to where you’ve always desired to live.

Decisions are powerful because they are the true catalysts for change. You can simply decide to start becoming the person who takes charge, who gets unstuck and who moves forward in your life. So, let me ask you, when will you start to draw the line in the sand and stand ready to fight for the happiness and the meaning that you deserve in your life. You have to decide, it’s imperative.

Decide to stand for all those who came before you and couldn’t, for those who can but won’t, and for those who will because you did. It all starts with a decision which leads us to step number 3, the commitment. Conscious creation requires commitment and repetition. It requires dedicated time and space in your life to actively create something different every day no matter what even if you fail.

Listen, failure is a part of life and if you’ve done everything in your life perfectly my guess is you probably just haven’t dreamt big enough. Just because you fail, take it from me, it does not mean that your dreams are impossible. Because my belief is that God doesn’t give you dreams that are impossible. We only think they are impossible because they are extremely difficult for the current version of ourself who is trying to make them happen.

Our big dreams, what they require is for us to grow and to evolve into a stronger, more wise, and hopefully more loving and compassionate version of ourselves. This requires consistency and continual commitment.

There you have it, three simple steps: intuition, decision, commitment, that’s it. So, why is this important? It’s important because people have these problems all throughout their life but they don’t go deeper than the surface issue. They tend to accept it as this is just the way it is. And you tend to blame the problem instead of getting to the root as to why the problem is there.

This is important because it’s a very simple solution that has the ability to solve any problem that I’ve ever come across. You want more money? Check. You want more time? There you go. Better relationships, check. Better sex, more sanity, better health, what is it that you want? This is the knowledge that you’re seeking. This is your solution, but for some reason people are reluctant and afraid to do the small and simple things.

We want to get rich quick. We want to win the lottery. We want love a life at first sight. We want it all without examining ourself or putting in any meaningful work. Be willing to go deep, it will not kill you.

Somebody posted on social media the other day this cartoon. I believe the artist is Sr Grafo, but really it was like this meme and it was like, it has this little guy and this big, burly guy and they’re in prison and the little guy – there’s like this caption that says, “Coaches be like,” and the little guy was like, “You know, I could teach you to feel your feelings,” and the big guy jumps back and he’s all against the wall and panicky and sweating and he’s like, “Dude, WTF?” He’s about to lose it over feelings and this is how so many of us act.

Why are you so afraid to feel? Wouldn’t you rather feel doubt and insecurity, jealousy, fear, or anger if that’s exactly what will propel you to the next level? If on the other side of all that was the life you dream of, I would take that deal hands down any day.

So many of us are wondering why we’re not getting to our next level, but here we sit masking and burying our emotions. Emotions are our greatest allies. We’ve been taught the falsity that there are these negative emotions and that we should avoid them at all costs.

Nobody likes the discomfort of these emotions. So, there’s this very fragmented approach for which there exists a very holistic solution in the model of conscious creation. In attempting to avoid the discomfort of our own personal growth so many of us are engaging in positive thinking and mantras only, ignoring our feelings.

Or some of us may be try action-based or accountability coaching, ignoring our thoughts and feeling. Some of us are reading tons of self-help books without internalizing them or applying them. The saddest situation of them all is when you don’t try anything which is so unfortunate because everything is available to you.

So, people, that is everything I have for this week and it is such a pleasure to get to share this information with you and I hope that is truly helped you in some way. Remember, conscious creation is the key to success alignment and regaining control of whatever frankenlife you’ve created that has left you exhausted up and to this point.

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