Ep #3: Intuition, Part 1

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Podcast

Intuition, Part 1Last week I shared my model for conscious creation and the solution to finding the happiness you long for. Today, in part one of a two-part series, I’m sharing the first step of conscious creation: intuition. 

Intuition can sound like one of those mystical, esoteric things that psychics and reiki masters use, but doesn’t actually exist in the real world. It’s not even a tool on our radar as we fall deeper into success exhaustion. But I’m here to tell you that we all have access to this tool and you don’t need magical training to use it.

In today’s show, I share what intuition really is and how powerful it can be in conscious creation. Intuition is your superpower to getting the life you want, but like most superheroes, you aren’t aware of the amount of power you truly have. I’m sharing the forms of kryptonite that prevent us from tapping into our intuitions and why your intuition is key to aligning your soul with your goals. 

Just because you aren’t looking for something, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Your intuition has been here the whole time, waiting for you.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why intuition isn’t only accessible to special people.
  • What intuition actually is.
  • The 3 forms of kryptonite that keep us separated from our intuition.
  • What blocks are and what happens when you ignore them.
  • Why I created the model for conscious creation.

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You are listening to episode three of The Wealthy Happy Soul Podcast: Intuition Part One.

Welcome to The Wealthy Happy Soul Podcast, a show for high achievers who are ready to start enjoying the life they’ve worked so hard to create. Join me, your host and certified life coach Dr. Tangie, to learn how to start infusing the dedication you have for your career into living a truly fulfilling life. If you’re ready to finally gain the happiness your soul has been longing for, this podcast is for you.

Hello, everybody. Welcome to episode three. I am so happy you’re here. I actually just got back in the house from hanging out on my terrace with my dog Chloe. And all my friends call my terrace The Oasis because it really is just my own piece of paradise up in the sky.

It has a hammock and some rocking chairs and candles and crystals. And I really love to just go out there at night time and think about life and think about my business and thank about this podcast; think about all the things I want to tell you guys and do it while looking at the stars. It really is so soul-refreshing, really, to me. It’s my favorite thing to do.

And tonight, I notice that there’s that bittersweet chill in the air that indicates that those cooler times, they are coming. I had to put on a jacket and I was like, “Crap…”

At the beginning of the year, I actually moved to Indiana from Arizona in order to be closer to my family. And the only thing that I was resistant about was that I was going to have to deal with winter again. I have lived in Arizona for three years and I was really spoiled by the weather.

And mind you, I lived in Chicago for eight years and I lived in Minnesota for to. So, I’m no stranger to winter. But to be quite honest, it’s not my favorite thing. So, my plan, in order to cope with the winters again, was to get house plants.

So, I got a peace lily and I got a snake plant and I was like, “Yes, I have green.” So, even if it’s cold and rainy outside, I still have these beautiful green things that help me remember that there’s a thing called the sun.

And with house plants, I’m new to house plants. I’ve never really taken care of house plants and never knew much about plants in general. So, it feels really silly, but I’m learning all these new things about plants and how to care for them. Like, who knew plants had their own feed? Like, that was news to me.

I have been to Target hundreds of times and not once have I ever had plant food on my shopping list. And I think it’s so amazing that I could just go into Target and be like, “Hey, y’all got plant food?” And they’re all like, “Yes, why actually we do have plant food. It’s on aisle 10. You can go get it there.” And I just go get it and I buy it and I go home and my plants are happy, I’m happy.

And I guess I just say all that to say that in life, sometimes, just because you’re not looking for something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And that is what discovering intuition is like. Most of us aren’t looking for it. And if we are, most of us don’t even know what to look for because it’s just one of those words that sounds so mysterious and esoteric.

And in success exhaustion, because we’ve been driven so much by external validation for such a long time, the tool of intuition isn’t even on our radar. Or, we have misconceptions that it’s only available to special people, like prophets who are way closer to God than we are, or to those special unicorns like psychics and mediums and reiki masters.

But that’s just not true at all. Intuition is available to everybody and there’s no prerequisite magical training or mystical giftings required in order for you to tap into it. Everybody has access to intuition.

So, what exactly is it? I like to look at intuition in three ways, using three different definitions. The first being the instinct of knowledge of or belief about something without conscious reasoning. And this has to do with your innate instincts. It’s when you have a knowing or a gut feeling or an inner sensing. And you have the ability to understand something instinctively without any need for conscious reasoning or thinking about it.

And the second definition is the one I mentioned in last week’s episode, which is the formation of solutions or ideas through attentiveness. And all this is, is just increased awareness and being able to be sensitive to your environment and knowing exactly which way you need to go. Also, it’s having the ability to focus on what you want.

And the third definition I like to use is the ability to think about or plan the future with your imagination or wisdom. And this has to do with your internal guidance system, which is reflective of the current beliefs you hold about the world and the beliefs you hold about yourself. And this internal wisdom, instinct, and awareness from these definitions are really what’s key to your success alignment.

Intuition is your superpower to creating the life you want. But like most superheroes, you really have no idea that you have access to the power that you do. And, like Superman, this world offers to us its own forms of kryptonite when it comes to intuition.

The first form of kryptonite comes in the form of external blocks to intuition. And these external blocks come from things like extreme distraction. We live in a society where we can’t go to seconds without a bing or a buzz or some new social media dance challenge. And these things are all constantly competing for our attention.

And external blocks also have to do with seeking external validation, to the point that we become unconscious and numb and we lack awareness to our own internal guidance. And as we’ve discussed before, it leads to apathy and exhaustion and all the things that are opposite of intuition.

And the second form of kryptonite that this world offers us are the internal blocks that we face to intuition. We’re taught to spend way too much time in our heads and really not enough time in our bodies. And what this means is that when we have problems, we tend to over-rely on things like logic and reasoning, which lead to overthinking. And overthinking is really that feeling of not being able to shut of your brain at night because you’re constantly just thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking… and it just goes on and on and on.

And it can also show up as not being able to focus as well as you need to when you really need to focus. And when we give all the authority to logic and reasoning, we begin to ignore our gut instincts. And this is what leads to the third form of kryptonite we will encounter, which is ignorance. Which, believe me, is not bliss.

We exhibit ignorance when we ignore the emotional energy in our bodies. And this can lead to all kinds of things that I like to refer to as pleasure cushioning. It’s when you don’t want to look at the uncomfortable things, so you use pleasurable thing as a cushion to make it feel better. And these can include things like shopping, or overeating, or drinking a lot of alcohol to numb yourself.

And all it’s doing is really serving as a band-aid to the real issue. And the real issue is that you kind of need to square up with yourself so you can shift into a different experience.

Ignoring this emotional energy in our bodies can also lead to emotional repression, which is akin to holding a beachball under water and then when you let go, it just kind of comes up and smacks you in the face because it’s been hold under water with this increasing resistance for such a long amount of time.

And when this happens, what you find is that you begin to overreact to the smallest situations; things like road rage or exploding at the smallest things to people who never meant you any harm in the first place. And people need to start becoming aware of what they’re feeling in their body.

Those weights within your body or that heaviness in certain areas, you know, that whirling ball of anxiety in your stomach or that brick-like feeling in your throat when you’re having trouble speaking your truth, or that wall of fear that arises every time you try to find the courage to do something different.

Even though you’re very unhappy where you are, all those things are blocks. And the blocks, what they are, are just the beliefs that are keeping you from manifesting everything you desire. And the more you ignore these blocks, the more you suffer and the more you tend of overreact and let yourself be bullied by your fear.

Acknowledging and diving deep into these out-of-alignment feelings, that’s what gives them less momentum. And learning the lessons that they have to teach you is what releases the blocks bit by bit.

So, here’s the thing. I know you want to create a life that is thoroughly enjoyable. And you’ve dreamt of it being one way but somehow, it’s ended up looking entirely different than you imagined. And that’s because you’re struggling with balancing what it is that you really want with what it is that’s expected of you.

And I’m here to tell you that it’s all going to be okay and all you need to do is learn to live your life in a way that aligns your goals with your soul. And that’s why I created the Model for Conscious Creation. It’s so you can go deep and get out of your head and into your body and tap into your innate guidance system, or your intuition.

So, for this episode, what I want you to know is that using your intuition is the first step to conscious creation. And I want you to know, intuition is available for everybody. You just haven’t been looking for it.

And when you start looking, you may have to navigate through those external blocks and those internal blocks and the realization that ignorance is not bliss and it really can cost you your dreams. And up until now, like so many, you might have thought that intuition was only available to the gifted or to a select few, so you’ve never even thought about using it to affect change in your everyday life.

And because of that, you find yourself in a seemingly unending cycle of excessive distraction with no downtime because you’re trying to keep up an image of what people expect you to be, even though you know deep inside you have those sacred dreams that really you dare not speak aloud because somebody might trample all over them.

But those dreams are really the only authentic thing that you have left of yourself. And even though you feel that ball of anxiety and unfulfillment in your stomach that is often met by the wall of fear in your body, you tend to reason it away because you live in the real world and, hey, daydreams are for kids.

But if you can just allow yourself to open up your awareness for a moment and really get what intuition is and know that it’s available to you at any time, you can decide that you no longer want to travel the road of obliviousness that can often lead to suffering. And you can make the deliberate choice to no longer ignore what’s happening around you, so that you can create so much more of what it is that you really want in life.

You want to know that, when you leave here, that you gave it all you had. You want your life to live up to its potential and not go to waste. I know you don’t want any regrets. I know that because that’s what I want too and that’s why I shared this with you today.

And next week, we’re going to talk about my favorite tools that will help you dive into your own intuition. If you enjoyed the show, please eb sure to go to iTunes and subscribe, rate, and review so that more of our Wealthy Happy Soul family can find the show. It really does make a huge difference.

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I’m so excited about it because I love gifts. I love being a gift and I love giving gifts. So, head on over and thank you for listening to this week’s episode of The Wealthy Happy Soul Podcast.

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