Ep #14: Where Are You?

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Podcast

Where Are You?I’ve been on the most amazing boat trip with my family over the holidays and being a million miles from nowhere made me realize something: being a million miles from nowhere is better than going nowhere a million times. So, today, I want to talk a little bit about where you are and where you actually see yourself going.

My clients come to me because they are exhausted with their lives. They have impressive careers, but somewhere along the line, they’ve lost the spark that drove them to begin with, and now they need something different, and they need it fast. And while setting goals for the future is incredibly important, it’s also vital to know where you are right now.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover the importance of knowing where you are right now, and where you’re starting your journey of intentional creation from. I’m sharing how to see where you are right now, set your goals from that place, and make the process of decision-making for your next move so much easier.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why knowing where you are is so important.
  • How I see people setting themselves goals that are pretty much impossible to achieve.
  • What you can do to find the honest answer to where you are right now.

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Full Episode Transcript:


You are listening to episode 14 of the Wealthy Happy Soul Podcast: Where Are You?

Welcome to The Wealthy Happy Soul Podcast, a show for high achievers who are ready to start enjoying the life they’ve worked so hard to create. Join me, your host and certified life coach Dr. Tangie, to learn how to start infusing the dedication you have for your career into living a truly fulfilling life. If you’re ready to finally gain the happiness your soul has been longing for, this podcast is for you.

Hello everybody. I am so happy that you are here this week with me. And I can tell you exactly where I am. I have just finished this really amazing, yacht vacation with my family for Thanksgiving. And we are sailing the last leg in Florida down the river back to the marina. So if you hear some funky sounds in the background that is why. I could not leave you guys hanging on this episode this week because I think it is such an important topic.

And being out in the middle of the ocean has just been such a beautiful experience of reflection for me because here you are on this little tiny boat a million miles from nowhere. And last night we just all got blankets and went to the front of the boat. I always get confused whether it’s the bow of the boat, but it was the front of the boat. We all as a family just went outside. We had our blankets and we were just looking up at the stars just completely amazed. And it literally felt like we were a million miles from nowhere.

And that’s exactly what I was thinking. And as soon as I thought that thought I was like a million miles from nowhere is better than going nowhere a million times. So today I thought it would be good to talk a bit about where you are and where you actually see yourself going. My clients come to me because they are exhausted with their lives. They have these really amazing jobs or careers but somewhere along the way they’ve lost that internal spark that used to drive them. Now it’s all about meeting the expectations of others.

And some know that they would really like to be doing something else but they tend to succumb to their fears, some of which are irrational fears. And they want relief, they want it fast, and they want to do something different. They want to rediscover that internal flame and be guided by that in their lives again. And Thanksgiving is done so we’re also coming up on that time of year where people are setting all these new goals.

And I think New Year’s resolutions are going to be especially popular this year because I feel like a lot of people set a lot of goals for 2020. And because of the circumstances that 2020 brought along with it, a lot of people are exactly where they were at the end of 2019, still waiting to achieve those particular goals.

And another thing that you might notice is that because so many people because they don’t like to confront when or why they have missed the mark so to speak of whatever goals they’ve set in the past. What they’ll do is they will find themselves setting very general non-specific goals for how they want to improve their life in the future.

So what happens is they end up with things like I just want to be happier, or I just want to be a little bit healthier this year, just focus on health, which okay there’s nothing wrong with that but what does that even mean? What does that even mean for you and what is it that you really want? It’s a very important distinction to make.

And once you figure that out I think it’s also important to really take stock on exactly where you are right now in relation to what you want because it is that kind of awareness that will lead to persistence, which is the bridge that will get you from coming up with a particular aim to actually accomplishing that aim. What are the honest answers to the things that you really need to know? Are you working to live or merely living to work? Are you settling for a job that makes good money or are you making the amount of money that you really want to make?

Do you have a prestigious career or are you truly infusing all of yourself, your soul, your passion into your work? And are you satisfied with those answers? You wouldn’t take a road trip without a GPS. So it amazes me how people think they’re just going to get there eventually, wherever there is, wherever I just want to be happier is, or I just want to be healthier is.

One thing I want to say is that anybody who’s ever set a goal or had a final destination, so to speak, most of the time you look back and rarely is the path that you initially came up with, does it even look like the path that you ended up taking. However, you need to come up with an initial path, an initial plan, your own GPS so to speak. And that needs to include things like who do you need to become to get to where you want to go? Who do you need to become to be happier? Who do you need to become to achieve the goal that you’re setting out to achieve?

And even though you don’t know what’s coming your way, a perfect example, nobody could have planned for 2020. Nobody could have planned for this pandemic. Nobody could have planned for the civil unrest. Nobody could have planned for unemployment. But knowing what you do know, what is your best guess now of how to get there?

And then you have to really decide to take the first step, then the next, then the next, and then the next, because you are the one who gets to choose what your life looks like and what you become with your decisions, everything starts with a firm decision. And what I want to say about decisions is that a lot of times people think they’ve made the decision to do something they think. They’ve made a decision to exercise, they think. They’ve made a decision to find another job, or to move, or to start dating. But then they’re baffled when none of these things happens.

And I think that the problem occurs at the decision point of the process. When you are making a decision it has to be firm, it has to be a decision that is infused with the energy of you are going to follow up on that decision no matter what.

I can give an example of this in my own life when I was frustrated because where I was at the time did not really support the entrepreneurial endeavors that I was trying to bring forth. And I would get really frustrated because I felt like I had made the decision to become an entrepreneur. But what happens is that life will challenge your decisions. And I think life plays a game with you and it likes to challenge your decisions just to make sure that that’s what you’ve really decided.

So every time I would make the decision to open my calendar for coaching then all of a sudden all this stuff would come up and I would have to work late. Or I would get really behind on my work, or I was supposed to be off a particular day and somebody would go out sick and I would be called in. And just all this stuff would happen. And what ended up happening for me was that I got so frustrated that I remember being in my apartment literally yelling at the walls that, “I am going to do this no matter what.”

And I remember that moment very clearly because it was in that moment that I decided that I wanted this so bad that I was going to do whatever it took. At the time I was living in an apartment that was fairly luxurious and expensive. And I decided that I was going to go from this really lux place that was two bedrooms plus an office, and had crazy amenities, to a studio apartment. I threw away half of my belongings because I wanted to get my expenses down to $50,000 a year and not be so dependent on the good money I was making at the job that I was at.

I built up a significant amount of savings and made plans to quit that job six months later. This was happening, nothing was going to stop me, and that was that. And what ended up happening after that was almost magical. And I say that because that moment taught me what a true decision looks like. That moment taught me when I was playing with myself and when I wasn’t, when I was lying to myself and when I wasn’t. When I was trying to appease that dissatisfied part of myself and when I wasn’t.

And after that moment it is insane how life began to open up for me after that. And that moment is what also inspired the model of conscious creation because I realized that decisions and making firm decisions are really, I would say the most powerful part of the model. So like I said, you get to choose what you become with your decisions and your actions. The decisions that you make, the really firm ones will decide the course of your life. When you make a decision you are actually plotting your course, you are actually choosing the direction that you want your life to go.

A firm decision is a starting point for change, it is the first step of taking control of your life, and it is the beginning of what you will become in the future. Neglecting to make really firm decisions will ensure that you remain stuck. It will ensure that your goal is I just want to be happier for the next 10 years moving forward. Happy success is really easy once you know how to create it.

And the first step is to acknowledge and be willing to be really honest about where you are and what types of decisions that you’ve been making, after that it’s to know where you’re going. And that’s what we’re going to talk about next week when we talk about vision. See you next week.

Hey, if you are wondering how to overcome exhaustion so that you can finally enjoy your life, good news, I am hosting a masterclass on this very topic. All you have to do is go to drtangie.live and enter your name and email and you will be registered. So go ahead, make a firm decision and I will see you there.

Thank you for listening to The Wealthy Happy Soul Podcast. If you want to dive deeper into alignment and start cultivating your inner wealth, head on over to drtangie.com.

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