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It has been said that all things are achieved twice – once on the inside and once on the outside.

Trying to soothe and tame the “Frankenlife” – a condition brought on by years of soulless, goal-oriented actions – is exhausting. It is only natural that fatigue will set in when all the solutions feel ineffective. As a doctor, I know treating symptoms only brings temporary relief and that it is only when we get to the root cause that true physical and emotional healing can take place.

You’ve tried positive thinking, mainstream coaching, and have even participated in the mandatory “wellness” lectures at work. Yet, here you are still exhausted, still overwhelmed, and about to collapse beneath the pressure of it all.

You may have even resigned yourself to “this is just the way it is” even though you know deep inside that there is a solution that doesn’t require you to either “suck it up” or quit your job and move to Bali. I can help you.

The Life Coach School

My program is the perfect solution for the chronically stressed, overwhelmed high achiever who wants to feel purposeful and happy about their life and work again. I teach you how to get there, without shame, simply by helping you to align your goals with your soul.


The most valuable resource in the world is time. Everyone knows that untreated conditions only escalate. Every day you don’t get better, you are getting worse.

We have all seen the TV show with the person who had a growth that could have been easily treated if only they had seen their doctor at the recommended intervals. Now, because they ignored what used to be a simple fix until it refused to be ignored anymore, they have to either endure harsh invasive treatment or possibly even death.


Do not waste another millisecond trapped in the story of your “Frankenlife”. You were meant to live a life so much better than that.

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You will learn more about my program and how to operate from the “happy spot” in order to consciously create the life we both know you deserve.